Q: How do I get set up with an Appointment or schedule an in person or online video consultation?

A: Most tattoo appointments can be set up via text message at 917-780-6585. This phone number can also be easily found via the ‘call button’ on my instagram page @bikervvitch_tattooer. Appointments can also be set up via direct instagram message. When requesting an appointment via text message please include:

-Your Name

-The best and or preferred methods of contacting you (text, instagram message, facebook messenger... ect. I do not typically prefer to rely on phone as a primary form of communication)

- Your typical schedule. (preferred dates and times that typically work best for you)

-A brief description of the piece you are looking to get done. Please do include important details such as placement location on the body, sizing ( please use terms like ‘entire bicep’, ‘palm sized’, or ‘approximately 4 inches by 3 inches’ and not ‘medium sized’ ect.) Include a few photographs of artwork or photography that can be used as reference. These photos do not have to be exactly what you are looking for but are very helpful in helping me to understand exactly what it is that you are aiming for and find visually attractive. While photos of other tattoos are fine, please do not request I do exact copies of another tattoo artist’s work. Multiple different types of reference media is always proffered.

-Please allow up to 72 hours for a reply regarding a new tattoo appointment inquiry. It is rare that it would take me this long to reply but as of now I am a one man show, I have no assistants or employees other than myself. Please understand that I am often busy tattooing, traveling, and juggling many many tasks at once. Thank you in advance.

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