09.25.18 - Self Diagnostics

For as much as we as human beings unconsciously and unquestionably identify with our physical bodies, these vessels, it is staggering and illuminating often how little we actually are aware of our actual levels of physical health and wellness. In Operation Werewolf we often explore the concept that physical training is never just physical. Through body awareness and training for strength we become invested in an ongoing alchemical process of exploration, discovery and development as we exercise our wills upon our flesh, molding that which we falsely over identify with, but oddly often neglect. Early this morning after a 5am shoulder training session with my druid brother @druid_dude ( ig ), I sat down at home on my yoga mat at home to quiet my mind and address some lower back tightness and strain I have been dealing with the last few days. I set out to explore, address and hopefully alleviate the posterior chain, because while my middle back was the culprit of my most conscious discomfort,  more times than not the relief lies in a holistic approach; everything is connected. Our mind is connected to our body, just as our glutes, hamstrings, and back are connected and often times therein lies the key to treating our many ailments, both mental and physical,  but even spiritual. It is laughable in this way that it seems a mystery that the modern western world is so plagued by illness of the mind and body when our mental health is seen as divorced from our physicality, our physicality treated and addressed only locally and often with drugs that seek to numb and not cure, and a spirituality that is disregarded in the intellectual wastebin along with Santa Claus and Unicorns.  

It was to my surprise though this morning that during a lower back twisting pose that I was suddenly made aware of an extreme painful tightness in my left oblique muscles that I was completely unaware of, in addition to my usual tension stores in the upper back and neck. Again,  without this practice and seriousness of observation in all aspects of our lives, we delude ourselves in this overinflated belief that we know 'ourselves', our bodies... our minds... our spirits.