With my Brothers I celebrate Death

With my brothers I have fought battles,

I have crossed great and black bottomless bodies of water,

and had my skin seared by :s:mokeless flame.

I have experienced the pain of death,

and the pain of rebirth.

I have been chewed and tilled,

by the whirling wheel with blades that eviscerate.

I have from this state been sewn

and have beared sweet :f:ruits

Only to to be cut down again and endure again bitter cold winters that never seem to end.

With my brothers I celebrate, Death :G:iving Life

For it is in death that I grow

My brother dare not mourn my loss

And I dare not mourn his.

My brothers celebrate my death and I celebrate theirs.

Beach Fire. Long Island Ny near my compound. With Derek. 

Beach Fire. Long Island Ny near my compound. With Derek. 

Late yesterday I arrived back home after a 10 hour drive from Ulfheim, Lynchburg, Virginia where I attended and tattooed at the first Lupine Equinox Conclave. This concluded a long week which began with my Operation Werewolf division, Nordaustur, 's monthly moot in Pennsylvania. In typical fashion this moot was an opportunity to soar, lift, eat and catch up with my brothers as well as discuss our goals, aspirations and triumphs, make paths around a ritual fire, and speak words of great power. After moot, my division brother Derek ( Instagram: @hyborian_turk ) followed me back to long island to spend a few days with me before we would part ways so he could return to work on a mushroom farm in Maine and I would head south, the opposite direction to meet more operatives and tattoo on the sacred wolf land where the Conclave event was held. 

Spending so much time around brothers and operatives, incredibly men and women of living legend and might, I was forced to reflect on how these people have come to mold, change and influence me. A man is defined by the company he keeps.  He is the average of the 10 people he most hangs out with... the 10 ideas that most frequent his thoughts... A man is given context and purpose by his tribe, his community, which pressures and demands he suffer the pain of growth and the death of his weaker self, in sacrifice to to feed a stronger version of one self that might come into being. For this I'd like thank these men and women, these Gods on earth and wolves among sheep, for your inspiration and you unwavering, tyrannical demands. Conquer Death! 92.