Thurisaz: Death, Life, Good and Evil, Chaos and Mother Nature.

There is a popular sentiment held as unquestionable foundational law within neopagan groups, most typically cliched NY the white-light wiccan circles, but nonetheless present in the larger neopagan community. In Christianity and the other Abrahamic faiths, it seems blatantly obvious the issues presented from a philosophical standpoint by 'the problem of evil', as with most mainstream, monotheistic faiths.

'If God is both all loving, and the creator of all things, than why does Evil exist?'


Weather this evil is being embodied by an external force or being characterized as a 'satan', 'devil' or otherwise existing as an abstract urge or phenomenon in this case is equally problematic. For God cannot be all loving, all powerful, all knowing, and the creator of all and justify then the existence of the good, obviously to be credited to him, and the bad or evil of which would also have be of his doing or creation, unless one of these statements about God's power were to be false, therefore opening up another problematic can of worms.

In a video on my YouTube channel titled 'Satanism and becoming the Fool' I argue that Satanism can be a powerful tool or pathway in undoing and cleansing our mind and spirits of Abrahamic conditioning. Growing up our entire lives immersed within a society that unconsciously takes foundational influence from Christianity and Judaism, it is essential that we take steps to purify our minds, spirits and hearts so that we may approach paganism with a clear beginners mind, without baggage, as a fool.
It is when we forgo these cleansing pathways entirely that we encounter the roots of commonly held views seen in these neopagan Wiccan, White-Light sort of circles that extol nature as the benevolent and all powerful feminine mother at the masked monotheistic center of their substitute belief. One can simply take my previous question posed to the mainstream abrahamist and change our the masculine patriarch God for the Femanine Matriarch 'Nature' posed to the niece tree hugging hippie spiritualist types... 


'If Nature is both all loving, and the creator of all things, than why does Evil exist?'


( Evil in this case being Tsunamis, Landslides, Hurricanes, Floods ect... in either case one can change out Evil as a term for injustice or even suffering. This is a question I think most Buddhist and Hindu sects have much less of a hard time with.... )


The answer to this question is often attempted to be answered by these groups, who often tout nieve pseudo enviormentalist views, that Evil comes from man 'going against nature' with all manner of things that William Blake would deem of the ilk of the 'dark satanic mills' of the industrial revolution era. All our plastics and metals, the ephemera of our fast moving modern hollow culture. This is a sentiment I largely agree and sympathize with but what I find contentious is the idea that these creations of man can be deemed to be not of nature.  All of these objects, again many of which I am not a fan of, come from nature in one form or another. Man is not above nor can he operate, exist or create outside of natural law, although we certainly have become great masters of distortion and black alchemy that we have taken nature and contorted it often into something unrecognizable and grotesque, into a face not even a mother could love.
In the Old Norse tradition it is known through the its tales of cosmology that before the Gods existed the Thurses. The Thurses came from primordeal realms, among the 9 worlds that would eventually come to form the cosmos, these are known as Niflheim, the realm of Fog and Ice, and Muspellheim, a realm of fire, smoke and lava. These realms and the Thurs races that originated from these realms were embodiments of the natural chaotic forces the pre-existed the creation of all that is benevolent order in its races and its realms. When the primal energies of the Firey Muspell and and the Icy Nifl collided it is said that eleven poisonous rivers were created and these rivers would slowly erode the roots of the world tree until order once again surrendered unto chaos.
In runic studies this phenomenon of primordial ice and fire meeting can be seen in the rune / bindrune Thurisaz. Thurisaz's name is commonly translated to mean 'Thorn' and is associated with the Thursian energetically, though it is also often associated (seemingly) paradoxically with the Aesir God Thor.

The Thurisaz rune is in fact the element of chaos. In our mundane human existence we most know the language of chaos through our relationship to violence and death. It is in this way that Thurisaz is in fact a rune very much in the spirit of what most might consider baneful, left hand, or black magick when weilded, as Thor does, but it can also be seen as any other weapon that has the potential to cause death (chaos). A firearm held in different hands in different situations from different perspectives can be seen as good or bad/evil but at it's most fundamental core it is a tool of death. A loaded pistol is just a thorn of another form. It is in this way that it is reconciled in the norse that Thor weilds such a power though it is illustrative when examined that even the arbiters of order are forced to employ chaos and darkness so that they may enforce and protect order. If this seems counterintuitive, problematic, or condemnable, this I believe in the old Norse belief was no mistake.

As I spoke of earlier, it is said that the Gods are not as old as the Thurs ir the realms from which they originate. If we look into the names of two realms in particular within the 9 worlds that we most accociate with order, Midgard, realm of mortal humans, and Asgard, realm of the Aesir Gods, you will notice these are the only 2 realms of the 9 which end with the word 'gard/ gaurd'. This is an allusion to the fact that it is known and prophecied that these worlds need to be guarded and order must be maintained by will until the day of Rangnarok as stated in the Voluspa Saga. This demonstrates the fragility, instability and infact somewhat unnatural state of order which will eventually fall to chaos. In highschool science class we can see this concept play out in our study of molecular compounds which are said to be unstable and eventually break down and return to the base matter elements from which they were originally formed, which is much more stable.

While order may be as I said, unstable and unmaintable indefinitely, it is in these uneasy conditions that were are able to not only optimally function in our living forms but our very existence depends on this balancing act. In the greater realm of possibilities for environmental conditions, human and life otherwise requires a relatively narrow set of conditions to exist. One only need to look at a few of the other planets in our own solar system, our own poles, ocean floor or volcanoes to realize we are only by a razors edge able to maintain life on a macro level.
On a micro level, as human beings we engage in activities on a regular basis that stimulate and cultivate health and strength through orderly and predictable ritualism, habits that support our mental and physical well being. We easily notice how clutter and filth, dosorder disturbs our mental wellbeing and we fight constantly to cut out corners of order in our homes and mundane lives so that we can settle into comfort and predictability.
It is my belief that our benevolent Gods of our various religions and spiritual pantheons ov belief are gardeners and stewards of the order we desire and :n:eed for our survival. These Gods in the various mythologies will even attempt to shield us from the truth of the fact of the chaotic realities that lie beyond their power and influence threatening their rule and order. It is here that we find many of the sinister demiurgic currents that attempt to shield humanity to its truth that they are not the highest absolute in control, a savior, but rather keep humankind shackled to the walls of a prison like existence while they wait for a tidal wave of chaos to take both the warden and his captive in one fell swoop.

The Gods will indeed die a death. As will we. A death beyond our mortal kind that we are familiar with. Ascension deeper into chaos beyond our spiritual afterlifes, and the cyclic karmic whirling wheel.
All of creation,  material and otherwise requires energy, a fuel. In any energetic exchange there is an inefficient loss of energy. While fire may be the cause death of life and spirit it too will eventually consume its last caloric but of fuel and then all will be stagnant, in an icy chaotic coldness. And then all will be quiet. And then there will be rest at last.

So what then does this chaos-gnostic pagan think of morality and the existence of evil? As uncomfortable as it is, these matters are subjective to the greater cold uncaring of absolute existence as it is by it's very essence chaos, but from a biological perspective as a living being it is an objective matter that to preserve life is in a living beings natural interest and preferences. Though this may be an uncomfortable truth, it is the truth none the less that will set you free. 



 'Keeper of the Ledger' by Woods of Ypres / David Gold

"It is a fair and noble arrangement

This business of life and existence
Where everything we take from the earth
Will be taken back and returned

The face of god has always been disguised
As the mother
giver and lover of all life
But the keeper of the ledger for the cult of nature
Only concerns that your body returns on time

Return to the earth, pay the price for your existence
Into the hand of earth's domain
For there is balance to be maintained

The count is cold and calculated, the precision is exact
No one is exempt or unaccounted for,
All that was taken will be taken back

The gods have always been believed to love,
And care for the quality of our lives
But the keeper of the ledger for the cult of nature,
Only concerns with quantity of your time

We create our myths of purpose,
To fill our lives with hope and wonder
But to the keeper of the ledger for the cult of nature
Your body is just another number

It is a fair assumption, of our human nature to assume
That the business of nature is inherently good

When nature comes collecting, it doesn't care at all about you
Nature comes collecting, it doesn't care at all to know you
When nature comes collecting, it doesn't care to hear your story
Nature comes collecting, and only wants you for your body

Nature is the man (after all), nature is the mob (after all)
Nature is the business (after all), nature is the cult"