09.10.18 Mannaz

Wet, damp, cool and gray outside. Awake at 4:30 am I enthusiastically got ready for the gym while listening to an old interview with Arnold Schwarzenegger from the hight his bodybuilding career. Rare that I get home early enough from work to get 8 or 9 hours of rest, I felt noticeably better than most this morning. Today Matt ( Instagram @druid_dude ) and I decided to change up our usual approach to training chest, taking notes certainly from Arnold as well as a video Matt sent me yesterday ( https://youtu.be/2Z9JYxTx0PE ) by Mike O'Hearn. I actually really enjoyed beginning with incline bench and dumbbell press, concentrating more on volume and shorter rest periods.




Secondly, this an a great yet short article by my buddy Cody ( Instagram @rites_of_cody ) of Wandervögel ( Instagram @Wandervögel_official ) a out the rune Mannaz, that he has tattooed on his head.  

In the article I thought it was really interesting that he brought up 'the Fool'. In tarot I find the Fool to be an often misunderstood character that I often liken to as not only the experience of the story and pathways through the tree of life / tarot deck / spephiroth but to be a sort of living, breathing embodiment of the concept of a sort of 'Zen Mind Beginners Mind'. ( If you have never read the Zen classic by this name I highly suggest it as an absolutely seminal and foundational work for any occultist or simply anyone interested in living a life worth living ). The fool though, is the beginner, overwhelmed, unskilled at the start of the path, contrasted against the skilled and willed magician who acts in accordance with the God mind and embodies studied and attained experiential power. He is a fully realized being. Mannaz, I believe, might be seen as the process of becomming, and simultaneously the joy to be found on the path of becoming,  as the path :g:ives in direct reciprocity of what is given.

 'but isn't Mannaz a rune related to community?' You might ask... this relates to our communal relationships amongst our tribe because our tribe is our measuring stick, our compass, our accountability. Without our tribes council we exist in echo chambers, lost in darkness, without context, without contrast or checkpoints. I have become sick of hearing weak men proclaiming 'I have nothing to prove'. If you have nothing to prove than you have no reason to live for your life has no joy of conquest or the potential for it, and without it your life is like still water, a perfect breeding ground for disease, a atrophy and the flourishing of parasites. Mannaz contains in its image no only mirrored wunjo runes which express the ecstatic experience we can have traveling the path of perfection, to godhood, enlightenment ect... but also has the cross section of gebo contained within. Gift reciprocation in the form of pressure and inspiration amongst our tribe on both our collected and individual paths gives us meaning in life by giving us contrast and context, a reason to build and keep on building... and a real network that acts as mentors, students, mirrors, and co conspirators on our journey,  to note our progress,  our triumphs and to suffer not our excuses or tolerate stagnation or weak submission and acceptance of our shortcomings.  92.