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Above is a link to an article and Interview with my brother Cody Quinlan ( Instagram: @rites_of_cody ) given by Paul Waggener for his new website. In this Interview Paul and Cody discuss the historic context of the Wandervögel, as well as why the evocation of the spirit of this movement is essential to the modern youth.

 "Wandervögel is a wilderness cult. A reawakening, rooted simply in getting outdoors and having fun. It’s my attempt at connecting the dots, so to speak. To build a community for outsiders, ramblers and forest folk.

To foster higher values, stewardship of the land, and building solidarity through communal activities...

...Think, “Black Metal Boyscouts.” Half joking, but it’s actually a great idea. I’d say the Darkthrone song, “Hiking Metal Punks,” had a lot to do with it, too.

Besides that, I grew up hanging with a lot of crust punks, which is a culture that has sunk really low.

I’d like to offer those folks something better to be apart of. Thus, Wandervögel begins.

I see a lot of potential for Wandervögel building a righteous community globally. People are bored, discontent about the world around them. Folks are looking for alternative solutions, for experiences over comfort- they are searching for answers and new meanings.

A lot more people are going outside again- I want to show them they are on the right path.

I believe it will also become a beacon for those already in the fringes of society, but who lack community.

Wandervögel is a revolt and it’s here, man. We are going to grow!"


Some of you might know or recognize Cody as the righteous dude that I rode bicycles with back in November of last year, 650 miles from New York City to Ulfheim in Central Virginia.   


Some photos of Cody and I from that trip...



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