Raido Rune : The Ego and the Iron At Odds

There is an old Anglo-Saxon rune poem for the rune Raido that roughly translates to ‘Riding is very easy for the warrior in the hall, but very hard and dangrous, requiring courage of the warrior who rides upon a stout horse’. The meaning here is something that we are all very familiar with, and it is the root of why this particular rune poem really sticks out to em and i consistently return to it because it strikes at the heart of many problems. ‘ Actions Speak Louder Than Words ‘. It’s easy to sit on a barstool and talk a big talk, or to pose behind a keyboard, or to claim you lift this much or that much when there is no barbell in sight.

After several weeks away from the barbell, concentrations more so on tempo work with dumbbells, (dumbbell chest press and also cable work such as cable chest flys), i returned to doing barbell bench press today. The programming called for working in two 15 rep sets at 60% of your 1 rep max putting me at a meager seeming 135 pounds. Once under the bar though around rep 10 I found i just did not feel as though my form was tight and sharp, felt like i want achieving a great arch or leg drive and was doubting my general form cues. With no spotter I thought, though my ego might recognize this as weakling weight, it might be best for me to drop down weight and complete the prescribed sets and reps again at a more manageable weight.

Many might see this as a failure, and part of me does but truthfully this is what I love about weight training because going into the gym I though this was going to be easy and effortless. I was not anticipating to be doing these reps at less than a plate but ere I was making a call to check my ego and to opt instead to show my love for the process and not to my ego attachment to the outcome. This was not bar room bragging this was reality. The iron always kicks it to you straight, no bullshit, like Henry Rollins said. 100 pounds is always 100 pounds, but the X factor is always you. Truth be told I’m on antibiotics, coming off being sick and stressed… Despite that you should always approach as if you are going to have the absolute best training session of your life because often in the biggest adversity I find that you do, but when it doesn’t align, i try to remind myself that this is all about the long game. The slow water dripping eventually erodes the Mountain ( Bruce Lee ). . .

Be like water.