The Return ( ov BlogPosts and Evil )

Please forgive the bad Bathory joke reference in the title. As stupid as it sounds, an outdated app kept me from updating this blog for a good while. Finally got it updated and will be resuming putting up content here. Given that the political climate is bound to heat up in the coming month to year due to the presidential elections, sadly and inevitably, more than ever subversive and unapologetic, authentic material will be increasingly censored and despised, so investing in a native platform where my workings can live such as this is of the utmost importance. It becomes during these times more and more of a real threat that I can be at any point banned or de-platformed from the mainstream outlets.

For now though and hopefully for the foreseeable future you can still find me on instagram : @bikervvitch_tattooer as well as twitter : @BVVitch666 though I am less than consistently active there or facebook. Youtube : BIKER VVITCH 666 .

Fuck Censorship. ‘ : THE SOLUTION IS NOT POLITICAL : ‘ .

Hope everyone is well out there.