The Old Way - Words of Wisdom from a man ov the Craft (link to video) 

While I can't seem to get the video from this source to embed as easily as YouTube hosted video, I wanted to share this with everyone and show support to this man, Finnulfr, and to his project The Old Way.  This a witch and occultist that's worked have had a great influence on me in a very short period of time, largely because I have seen this man in action working the magick od his craft and was blown away by the strength and potency. Trust me, unlike the all bark gangsters and charlatans work big titles he references in the video, he is very much the real deal. Check out his video, powerful art in many forms, and wisdom found throughout his posts on his website , and Facebook . 


(Text from video) "This is my first video, I answer some basic questions. If ya dig it, share it!  Edit: The end got cut off, but these were my parting words:  "What you have, hold!  What you know, keep silent!"