Death, Domestic Pets, Animal Familiars and Grieving

Some late night thoughts on human relationships with our pets and how that relates to animal familiars and our emotional well being, and grieving processes.


-also would like to share a great interview podcast with Damien Echols that I enjoyed this morning. In it he talks a lot about his experience learning and practicing ceremonial magick while in solitary confinement on death row for 18 years. He also touches in topics like wiccan and zen buddhism, as well as his views and magickal purposes for the tattoos that adorn his body. You can find out more about Damien via his Instagram @damienechols. While I feel like most people know about the case in which Damien was sentenced,  few I find know of the beautiful magickal,  artistic and shamanic works he has been involved in since leaving the prison system and becoming a free man.