07.24.18 herbal supplements and taking steps to decrease inflammation in the body

Over the last few months, especially since beggining to take training, lifting and overall health more seriously, I've begun to on and off experiment with various supplements and medicinal herbs too see if they make any recognizable difference in my performance and well being. Honestly and typically, I find myself by and large having a hard time with most supplements and herbals seeing noticable effects or changes, or determining what is placebo or possibly simply an improvement based on an outside variable. 

Many of the supplements I take because I am going off of the word of people in the fitness community that I trust and respect. One example would be that I began taking one 500mg of Magnesium every morning several months ago, based on the fact that it is touted as essential for boosting protein and energy synthesis as well as a host of other benefits. Do I notice a difference? Not really to be honest, at least not on any observable, naked eye, level.
On the other hand some supplements seemed much more apparent in their immediate results. About 10 weeks ago I began taking a large dosage (1200 mg) of Ashwagandha to deal with what I believed to be onset adrenal fatigue due to overwork coupled with ever increasing work stress as well as physical training without ever really taking adequate rest. I within 2 or 3 days found myself feeling a bit more able to handle stress more easily and effectively, though I noticed that my stomach and digestive tract was becomming agitated at this dosage. So after about 2 weeks I brought the dosage to 800, and then 600mg and have been taking it ever since, and am quite happy with the results.

One of the first supplements I began taking was 2400mg fish oil which I also noticed lessened my joint pains in my knees especially after a heavy squat day or a lot of running.

My longest running issue I've had though has certainly been that I often experience inflammation in my upper back, which has been especially difficult lately. As I wrote this I just made a smoothie consisting of banana, kale, blue berry, ice, wild wine berries I foraged outside of my cottage, but more importantly silk protein nut milk (almond/ cashew blend), raw ginger root, pineapple and turmeric which are all said to have anti inflammatory properties. I also have been spending more time stretching (yoga), icing, self massaging and rolling with a ball in the area. I am hoping that incorporating these things into my routines I can begin to improve and begin to get a handle on managing and fixing this issue. My hope is that by fixing this problem I can begin to eliminate the pain in that area and then be able to better train the muscles around my scapula, as it is very frustrating to feel as though I have been neglecting this area in training lately and it is affecting my overall performance and motivation to train.
I have been wanting to make a post about some of these things I have been experimenting with, I will definitely return to the topic on the future with updates on my progress.


Let your food be your Medicine.