06.07.18 Howling into an Endless Void

It is really easy to feel as though in our attempts to be heard and to contribute as content creators on the internet, especially in a very intimate context such as a blog that our words, our time, and our efforts that we give of so freely, are wasted. It is easy to feel that our transmissions are falling upon deaf ears. While that paranoid voice in our heads sounds loud and clear and we suspect that we are howling hopelessly like lone wolves without a pack into an endless chasm abyss in vein. I have over the past few months come into contact with several people in my personal and professional life that have confided in me that they enjoyed and found value in my works on this blog and on my YouTube channel, two avenues which I have neglected due to not having a sense of  immediate gratification that tattooing and platforms like Instagram have granted me. Those platforms because of their ease of mass communications maybe suffer from producing less of a feeling of real connection and artistic immersion and intimacy. It's like casual sex or a one night stand versus a long term relationship or a marriage. Like any committed relationship there comes greater sacrifice with commitment, a greater gamble, for hopefully greater gain. All this requires above all d:I:sipline... This website, this blog, could it be a place for the cult to truly live? Away from the ephemeral masses... Is the blog or the personal website a dying outlet, made obsolete by the quick and convenient made available by platforms such as Instagram?  

With that said I'd like to share here the last YouTube video I made for my channel there a few weeks back on some thoughts for any would be magician or magickal practitioner/ student interested in starting sigil craft.