03.11.19 Spring: bring on the rain to wash away...

There once existed a time when the internal spiritual life expression was in sync with the external environment. There was an obvious understanding of the cyclic and seasonal nature of our lives on a macro and microcosmic level... as above so below, the image of the baphomet goat by Éliphas Lévi comes to mind...


In the desert, reflected in the native  religious practices of this region ( abrahamic ) there exists no such relationship with the seasons and identification with the natural world.

It was with great joy an excitement that I was filled with at the sight of this bloomed crocus flower while out hiking earlier today. Though some snow still lay about the ground the promise and markings of a new chapter, a new cycle, a new opportunity for conquest felt refreshing as the comforting cool air and warm sun. 

Stony Brook. Ny. 

Stony Brook. Ny.