Bloody Hands


Scenario:  Family man at home hears someone outside of his suburban home in the middle of the night. Kid's and Wife are sound asleep. He hears noises coming from outside in the driveway and he walks outside with a baseball bat in hand to go investigate, to which he finds a hooded man trying to break into his luxury German car. He confront the man and hits him with the bat breaking a bone. Then, the home owner gets hit in the back of the head by a second burglar which he did not see prior and breaks and snaps his arm as hit hits the concrete of his own driveway. He calls the police and when they arrive, the home owner, and burglar (and junkie) #1 are both treated for their injuries and arrested, the second burglar is caught later after he ran from the scene. Now here is the kicker, all 3 men are arrested! The home owner is now facing assault charges and possible jail time...

Now, to some of you, especially to those outside of New York, this might sound insane and unjust, as it should.

In a capitalistic, materialistic society, especially apparent when one works at an 'Hourly rate', it can be said that a man sells his time, a very finite resource, which amounts to a percentage of his life. Of course, some men's time is worth more than others, therefore these men fetch a higher pay rate per hour, or salary based on their skills or experience ect. These men can then trade this capital for resources, food, shelter, more experience or training ect. So to put it quite literally, in this model, which is the sort of life many people seem to be living, one has literally traded a portion of his life away to acquire material goods, and that time that was spent, there is no possible way to ever be re-compensated or refunded for that. With that in mind, a man's family, loved ones, as well as his material possessions represent the fruits of his labor and sacrifice and therefore are something most men, at least those who are not absolute cowards, would be willing to further sacrifice to defend at all costs. This should seem absolutely logical and sane given the stakes at hand and the price paid.

So why has society deemed the family man worthy of punishment? Because he took violence into his own hands. Modern 'civilized' societies so called by condescending neo liberal academics, politicians, and the non thinking parasitic brainwashed  and beurocratic portions of our society believe we should rely on outsourced violence, in this case in the form of 'the police', to solve these issues, however ineffective they may be. These men could pose a real and true threat to the family of the home owner in quicker time than it might take the nearest officer to respond, certainly.

When I was about 18 years old I worked in a gun shop. I was very immersed in Soto Zen Buddhism at the time and was reading a lot on general eastern philosophy, and I remeber coming across some writings about the dharma of non violence when reading about the eight-fold path. The essay talked about how one must examine the greater web on influence of ones life actions and be truly honest with oneself, even if it is painful and difficult, complicated to do so, especially when it comes to working life. This idea really troubled me, and inspired a lot of contemplation that lasted for weeks as I examined and thought about my own life and the way that I fit into all of this. Just because you are not directly the cause of harm, if you are involved in the industry of harm it said, you were not able to wash your hands of the blood of that negative action. This is where the hypocrisy of our modern culture which touts itself to be so peaceful and non-violent becomes apparent.

If I go up to someone and I steal their money at gunpoint is it wrong? Most people would say yes.

But what if I really needed the money? Still most people would say it is wrong.

Now what If I hire someone to rob someone else for me? Is that wrong? Most people would still say yes.

Now, what if there was a system in place where I pay a group of people i didn't know personally, took compulsory money from me on a regular systematic basis (taxes) and used that money to pay another group, to send another group out into the streets to steal and cause violence towards any and all people the system deems to be warranting such violence for the 'greater good' or whatever else... most people would argue they have washed their hands of it. Better yet, some of these people think of themselves as real peace loving 'hippie, indigo children' types. They buy their meat from the store and if they can't see where it came from and they didn't kill it themselves they have washed their hands of it, they can consider themselves, 'not a violent person' and they can feel good driving their prius with the peace sign sticker on the bumper to yoga class.

Our society has demonized the natural will of men to protect through violence that which they have sacrificed, labored for, and hold most dear, and we are prepeared to punish men who pull back the curtain and show us as a society, that our carboard walled eden is just that. We are killing the messenger and creating misery and helplessness. Outsourcing violence in the name of upholding an infantile illusion of Peace and Non-Violent, passifict, utopian progress. And the cost of that illusion is an ever increasing, perpetual growth of state power, the perpetuates the empire of nothing. It's about time a lot of us find out how the sausage is made. Someone has to fight the wars, someone has to drill for fuel, someone has to fight the theives, someone has to work the salughterhouses... And if we can get real with ourselves and start to understand and reintroduce ourselves to violence, we can become much healthier and stronger people.