Passing on the Tor:c:h


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A Japanese Hannya and Snake painting I did recently for a class I've been taking taught by @johnreardontattoos who gave me a lot of tips on how to properly approach the subject. A few small things still left unfinished though... ---

Too often I believe the modern world lulls us into comfortable delusions as it affords us availability of a nauseating, nearly infinite amount of information about any given topic, at any given time, at the tip of our fingers. We are so bombarded and overstimulated by influx information that we can easily become paralyzed by it, disoriented. We mistake abstract concepts and theoreticals, statistics for equilance to the value of hard earned experience through years of real action which grants intimate gnosis in a specialized area.  It is with this inflated sense of knowing that most men dont seek out formal, or informal, apprenticeship under the men who have real experience in any aspect of life, love, art, work, fitness... let alone are they willing to invest in what they might be able to offer. We look to our elders, tradesman, artists and our traditions with resentment and not respect. Our academic institutions reflect our societal standards and narratives as echo chambers of back patting weak mediocrity factories that produce useless perpetual victim stooges . Sometimes it's as simple as opening an old book or visiting a museum but often seeking these men out in my own life, who have much to teach has required me to literally invest money (gasp!) and time and that, will always be a worthwhile investment.

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A few off the top of my head which I'd like to thank for teaching me and being very influential...


Gone are the days of initiation they say... Seek the way by finding the others. FTW. 92. ---