One Month Running Citadel Recap

Two nights ago I did one final run to test for the Operation Werewolf Citadel challenge which began just over a month ago. The physical aspect of this challenge had us completing a 3 mile run, which though I had not done so in quite some time, I was confident I could easily complete. My first run I awoke and hit the road by 5am, it was a light rain that picked up as I ran until it was a downpour. I completed this first run though in 28:51. My next trial was a 3.5 miles beach run with my brothers in the Nordaustur division which timed at 35:31 (3 mile time  30:27). The next trial was 2.8 mile a trail run with my lady completed at 32:18. Finally I tested again 2 nights ago on hard and mostly flat concrete, 3 miles for a time of 27:51. 

When I began a month ago I was not yet begging on the ketogenic diet and weighed in approximately at 172 pounds on the scale. One month later I am currently sitting at about 162 pounds, about 3 weeks into the diet.  

While certainly these times have a lot of room for improvement,  I am pleased to see, all things considered that there obviously was an improvement. Not only in time can this be seen but also post run I feel a lot less beat up and sore.  


 ***current reading: 'Primal Fat Burning' by Nora Gedgaudas