Viral Instagram Street Plant Suit Guy Interview

Really inspirational interview I came across this morning



"I’ve been through a lot. I was molested, tortured. I was tied to water heaters and burned with cigarettes. My [biological] mom was a prostitute, and she just died after I reunited with her. I was molested at the age of seven by a Caucasian man off of 9th Street in Oakland. I think he was one of my mother’s friends. He knew I didn’t have money to eat and he had a jar of change and basically what he used to do was, if you wanted the money, you’d have to give him oral sex. I was trying to feed my mom cause she had a drug addiction…

With all that, I should be a monster. I should be mad at the world. But I don’t know what it is. I enjoy seeing kids smile and just living their lives and being a kid, cause it goes by fast, in the blink of an eye. One day you’re ten, then the next you’re in your 20s with a whole lot of responsibility. So this [skateboarding] is like my outlet for my anxiety from all my issues that I’ve gone through. This is how I channel it."