Raido Rune : The Ego and the Iron At Odds

There is an old Anglo-Saxon rune poem for the rune Raido that roughly translates to ‘Riding is very easy for the warrior in the hall, but very hard and dangrous, requiring courage of the warrior who rides upon a stout horse’. The meaning here is something that we are all very familiar with, and it is the root of why this particular rune poem really sticks out to em and i consistently return to it because it strikes at the heart of many problems. ‘ Actions Speak Louder Than Words ‘. It’s easy to sit on a barstool and talk a big talk, or to pose behind a keyboard, or to claim you lift this much or that much when there is no barbell in sight.

After several weeks away from the barbell, concentrations more so on tempo work with dumbbells, (dumbbell chest press and also cable work such as cable chest flys), i returned to doing barbell bench press today. The programming called for working in two 15 rep sets at 60% of your 1 rep max putting me at a meager seeming 135 pounds. Once under the bar though around rep 10 I found i just did not feel as though my form was tight and sharp, felt like i want achieving a great arch or leg drive and was doubting my general form cues. With no spotter I thought, though my ego might recognize this as weakling weight, it might be best for me to drop down weight and complete the prescribed sets and reps again at a more manageable weight.

Many might see this as a failure, and part of me does but truthfully this is what I love about weight training because going into the gym I though this was going to be easy and effortless. I was not anticipating to be doing these reps at less than a plate but ere I was making a call to check my ego and to opt instead to show my love for the process and not to my ego attachment to the outcome. This was not bar room bragging this was reality. The iron always kicks it to you straight, no bullshit, like Henry Rollins said. 100 pounds is always 100 pounds, but the X factor is always you. Truth be told I’m on antibiotics, coming off being sick and stressed… Despite that you should always approach as if you are going to have the absolute best training session of your life because often in the biggest adversity I find that you do, but when it doesn’t align, i try to remind myself that this is all about the long game. The slow water dripping eventually erodes the Mountain ( Bruce Lee ). . .

Be like water.

09.21. 19 - For Love of the Cover-Up and Blast0ver Tattoo

For many tattooers it seems cover up tattoos and a most hated headache and challenge that should be avoided at all costs. Many tattooers get to a certain capacity of clientele that they feel they are not hurting for work and can instill policies that they wont even entertain the idea of doing a cover up project.

On the contrary, I have found some of the most enjoyable pieces I have don’t have been cover ups, sometimes ones that have been passed on by many tattooers who refused to do it or said it could not be done.

Tattooing is at an interesting impasse, and like many other things in the modern world for better or for worse it is growing and evolving constantly. The possibilities of what can be done in tattooing appears to be endless.

Often times people are looking to get a piece covered up to close a painful chapter in their life. The emotional ties to this piece makes it so much more pertinent that the piece needs to be covered so that this person can get the closure they seek and a new chapter can begin. It is for this reason that I love being able to go above and beyond in order to help this person heal and close chapters of their life. It’s a very intimate, sacred and sort of shamanic practice.

Freehand Cover up. Before on the left ; After on the right. Thank you Sam !

Freehand Cover up. Before on the left ; After on the right. Thank you Sam !

09.20.19 Self Gnosis, Authenticity and Value

Authenticity, in many ways, is my drug of choice, my muse, my guiding principle. Authenticity is the often overlooked X factor as to why some are smiled upon by the goddesses of good fortune and others struggle to find traction. To be authentic is to be actively, honest and naked, engaged in the act of ever reaching towards the goal of inner-Gnosis, knowing thyself, but turning the fruits of that gnosis into food for the gods and men. There is no more seemingly antithetical archetype to the authentic man than the con-man. For many reasons I Think this is the root of of problems many creative, artistic types surrounding money and making a living. The most interesting men to me though are the ones that live and thrive in the uncomfortable space that would cause weaker men to fear for judgment and shame to inhabit. How are these man so fearless, How do they feel such confidence in communicating their message and their mission statements as artists and seekers that the masses might not call them out and shame and crucify them as Con-Artists at best?! How can they be so sure that their Authenticity will be seen for what it is, true and genuine? I believe the source of their confidence is that these men know that they provide unequal value to those they serve. They know that their time and their services are of great value and worth, OBJECTIVELY often, but yet they often choose to write blogs, make music, talk and give advice and create free newsletters and present themselves in public forums as authorities FOR FREE.

Today there is so much content out there on the internet, in the world, so much information and on some level its liberating, and exciting and other its smothering as the noise threatens to deafen us and we feel increasing anxiety and bombardment by information. So much just seems like spam.

The thing that made me want to write this blog post today was promoted by the fact that I went into my email to check some buisness emails today and I saw that I received a newsletter from my friend Andy, Owner of NORSE FITNESS. The newsletter read :

We have all heard the phrase “I think you’re perfect just the way you are now.”

As sincere as this person might be - they are not helping you.

They are telling you that you do not need to improve.

Here is the hard truth that you need to accept.

Without improvement and sacrifice, you will never amount to anything.

You are fortunate to be given life and an ever-growing body/mind.

I am begging you - please do not take this for granted.

There is no limit to your potential.

Stop looking for the finish line and an easy way out.

The finish line is death, and it’s going to be here sooner than you expect.

- Andy

There wasn’t even a link to the website, a promotion, anything at all. POWERFUL. Knowing Andy and his company I know how busy he is and it really hits me hard to see him taking the time to put AUTHENTIC content out such as this. It has punch because of the man, the brand and the WHY behind it. That’s what people are attracted to, that’s what being authentic is, its BEING your WHY. Leading with your WHY.

Most all Newsletters are spammy and end up in the Junk Mail bin but other than NORSE FITNESS, two others I am consistently excited to open because I receive great value from are Elliot Hulse / Strength Camp (search instagram) and Operation Werewolf Newsletters , very worth subscribing to.

Hope all is Well.


The Return ( ov BlogPosts and Evil )

Please forgive the bad Bathory joke reference in the title. As stupid as it sounds, an outdated app kept me from updating this blog for a good while. Finally got it updated and will be resuming putting up content here. Given that the political climate is bound to heat up in the coming month to year due to the presidential elections, sadly and inevitably, more than ever subversive and unapologetic, authentic material will be increasingly censored and despised, so investing in a native platform where my workings can live such as this is of the utmost importance. It becomes during these times more and more of a real threat that I can be at any point banned or de-platformed from the mainstream outlets.

For now though and hopefully for the foreseeable future you can still find me on instagram : @bikervvitch_tattooer as well as twitter : @BVVitch666 though I am less than consistently active there or facebook. Youtube : BIKER VVITCH 666 .

Fuck Censorship. ‘ : THE SOLUTION IS NOT POLITICAL : ‘ .

Hope everyone is well out there.

What does Magick and Witchcraft offer that Religion does not?

Some thoughts on the contrasts between magick, witchcraft, occultusm versus right hand path religion, and what each means to the way we live our lives.

Instagram @bikervvitch_tattooer

Twitter: @BVitch666

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Algiz : Black Alchemy and Amplification

In this video I discuss two aspects of the Agliz rune and offer some insight into how we might begin to approach using these energies for our magickal purposes.

Beyond the Well Podcast Interview

I recently did a podcast interview with Beyond the Well Podcast's Alex Smedley ...

" Artists come in all forms, from those that write with a pen and those that stain skin with a needle. Join host Austin Smedley and guest Patrick Duggan as they discuss tattooing, Nietzsche, and modern art.


You can listen to the full interview here

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Tattooing as Medicine

Throughout human history tattooing has being closely associated with and often synonymous with shamanism and medicine work. Tattooers through their work, much like bar tenders, often serve people in thier most extreme moments in thier lives, such as times if great loss, desperation or great happiness and celebration. I feel very honored and fortunate to be able to engage in this ancient ritual tradition to help others heal through their traumas.


Not long ago I performed my first ever piece to cover up and hide a woman's mastectomy scars and give her beautiful flowers to celebrate her survival of cancer and new dawn. I've been honored to turn self harm scars into beautiful art, giving a powerful and creative outlet for another's pain. In this photo from three years ago I tattooed my friend Jon who lost his arm after falling in front of a train, employing humor, one of the oldest and most natural of all human medicines for healing.


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was out hiking a few weeks ago in some local woods and I came across a good looking buck in the early stages of decay. Great to see it all cleaned up by the talented miss @brandimanak.


In its purest form, :A:rt is a ritual unto which we Externalize our Internalities. Our traces and artifacts of our material existences leave blaring manifestos for our life philosophy and values. Our time is limited on this mortal plane : Momento Mori : and therefore how we choose to spend that time, how we ration that scarce resource, is morbidly significant. All actions and inactions assert value judgments.




Vlog: Building a Bigger Deadlift 05.15.19


Documenting my process of working on building a bigger deadlift. 

4×6 @265 lbs defecit deadlifts

And also bonus footage of my good friend and frequent training partner Jim ( Instagram @jim.hellen) pulling 1×5 @315 and a 405 lb single, which happens to be my personal goal.

Song: Granite Wall by Bolt Thrower

Concious Paranormal Entities VS 'Spirit Recordings' and Residual Energy Imprints

In this video I discuss some of the nuances of hauntings/ paranormal, supernatural activity as I have experienced them.

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