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Tattoo Appointments:

-for tattoo appointments please text (917) 780-6585 or direct message on Instagram @bikervvitch_tattooer with your name, a detailed description of what you are looking to get done and the placement on your body, and any related reference materials (photos, artwork ect) that might be helpful to understand what you are looking to achieve. Also include what days and times typically work best for you so that I may look over my appointment book and find what my soonest availability that will will fit your needs will be, All appointments require a 50 dollar deposit which is non refundable but will come off of the total cost of the tattoo. If you cancel or have to reschedule please do so at least 24 hours before your appointment time or you risk losing your deposit. Coverups and larger more complex projects may require a preliminary consultation appointment in person, but most appointments and be set up via text message.

Magickal Consultations ( Phone ) : 25$ per half hour via paypal (

-for Magickal Consultations please text (917) 780-6585 or direct message me on Instagram: @bikervvitch_tattooer. Please provide a brief description of the issue you are having and what days and times typically work best for you. These consultations can be used for a variety of different issues regarding magick and ones spiritual path. This can include using various divination methods such as runes or tarot, or we can spend this time giving tips or teaching these systems and the basics of others such as the I Ching. Specific questions regarding spirituality sometimes have straight forward answers, but often times I may recommend books, recordings, and resources elsewhere from my vast knowledge that may better help you to find the answers that you seek.

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