My first experience with Sleep Paralysis // Spirit Visitation made me a Gnostic Satanist

My earliest memories from childhood involving spirit visitation and sleep paralysis. I discuss also how this experience may have planted the earliest seeds of gnosis to the reality of the demiurge and his beguiling servants.

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Building a bigger deadlift

05.01.2019. Defecit deadlift- 4 x 8 x 225lbs - bodyweight: 165 lbs

Continuing to document my process to building up my deadlift.

Additional work included heavy rows and shrugs, cable face pulls ect

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The Crucified R. Crumb and 'Annoying' Outrage Culture

'the social-justice re-evaluation currently sweeping comedy, film, and literature has arrived at the doorstep of free-thinking comics...'

-Gavin Mcinnes podcast where he discusses this

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I'm so High I want to Pay to Pay Taxes to Another State

Comments on a hilarious observed phenomenon surrounding marijuana and marijuana legalization in my home state of new York.

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Darkthrone 'Hardships of the Scots' Single (first listening review)

Darkthrone just realised the first single off their up coming new record via Peaceville records. I give my thoughts...

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Foraged Birch Polypore Mushroom Tea

A taste review and video of the process of making Birch Polypore Mushroom Tea. Mushrooms were foraged from Eastern Long island, New York.

I consulted

Instagram: @nymph_magick + @pa_game_chef about both the identification and process.

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Nails 'I Don't Want To Know You' ( first reaction/ review )

Review of the new Nails 2 track single.

Cover Art by Instagram: @artofagustinlobos

Photos of the original sculpture


Instagram @bikervvitch_tattooer

official music video for the title track 'I don't want to know you' 

Nordauster Moot at DeathTrap Barbell - April 2019

Surround yourself with men who are stronger than you. -----------

Nordaustur moot a few days ago. Inspiring to watch my brother @cwjtherianthrope pull a huge 500lb beltless strapless deadlift pr. @wandervogel.official pulled a 500lb triple, no sleep, after driving all night, beltless and strapless. And my brother @2ouncebluegill hit a 260 lb bench pr after traveling down from New Hampshire. ----------- (copied from Instagram)

Instagram @bikervvitch_tattooer

Sewing Seeds: Veganism, Peter Singer and Earth Crisis

Response to a recent video uploaded by the Punk Rock MBA regarding veganism and the 90s metalcore band Earth Crisis.

- Original video on vegan straight edge by Punk rock MBA :

-Earth Crisis 'Firestorm' on Spotify

-Animal Liberation: The Definitive Classic of the Animal Movement by Peter Singer (Amazon) -

Find me on Instagram: @bikervvitch_tattooer

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