Building a bigger deadlift

05.01.2019. Defecit deadlift- 4 x 8 x 225lbs - bodyweight: 165 lbs

Continuing to document my process to building up my deadlift.

Additional work included heavy rows and shrugs, cable face pulls ect

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The Crucified R. Crumb and 'Annoying' Outrage Culture

'the social-justice re-evaluation currently sweeping comedy, film, and literature has arrived at the doorstep of free-thinking comics...'

-Gavin Mcinnes podcast where he discusses this

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I'm so High I want to Pay to Pay Taxes to Another State

Comments on a hilarious observed phenomenon surrounding marijuana and marijuana legalization in my home state of new York.

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Darkthrone 'Hardships of the Scots' Single (first listening review)

Darkthrone just realised the first single off their up coming new record via Peaceville records. I give my thoughts...

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Foraged Birch Polypore Mushroom Tea

A taste review and video of the process of making Birch Polypore Mushroom Tea. Mushrooms were foraged from Eastern Long island, New York.

I consulted

Instagram: @nymph_magick + @pa_game_chef about both the identification and process.

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Nails 'I Don't Want To Know You' ( first reaction/ review )

Review of the new Nails 2 track single.

Cover Art by Instagram: @artofagustinlobos

Photos of the original sculpture


Instagram @bikervvitch_tattooer

official music video for the title track 'I don't want to know you' 

Nordauster Moot at DeathTrap Barbell - April 2019

Surround yourself with men who are stronger than you. -----------

Nordaustur moot a few days ago. Inspiring to watch my brother @cwjtherianthrope pull a huge 500lb beltless strapless deadlift pr. @wandervogel.official pulled a 500lb triple, no sleep, after driving all night, beltless and strapless. And my brother @2ouncebluegill hit a 260 lb bench pr after traveling down from New Hampshire. ----------- (copied from Instagram)

Instagram @bikervvitch_tattooer

Sewing Seeds: Veganism, Peter Singer and Earth Crisis

Response to a recent video uploaded by the Punk Rock MBA regarding veganism and the 90s metalcore band Earth Crisis.

- Original video on vegan straight edge by Punk rock MBA :

-Earth Crisis 'Firestorm' on Spotify

-Animal Liberation: The Definitive Classic of the Animal Movement by Peter Singer (Amazon) -

Find me on Instagram: @bikervvitch_tattooer

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Through the Gate

In the act of ritualisticly uniting and dissolving our duality we can open gateways, pathways between what we might normally consider impossible. We can observe that Islam with its timely daily prayer rituals and bowing poses, still embraces the essential and powerful act of marriage of a physical, material action, (earth) with a higher spiritual aim of communication with the devine (air/ spirit). In zen and in yoga we see the practice very clearly of use of physical postures, and even different sacred hand symbols, mudras emphasized by different sects throughout the eastern world. Even in early and orthodox christianity we see the emphasis on physical kneeling in submission during prayer. This same earth to air pathway has been studied and observed by athletes and psychologists that physical activity is shown to positively affect peoples mental health and general well being beyond the obvious physical health that would obviously be of benefit from living a physical life. Laterally we find concepts such as bioenergetic release, and cathartic activities done correctly, can relieve traumatic and pent up stress and emotions (water) by allowing ourselves to feel our rage and allow it free within a controlled space (fire).
These gateways too though can be harnessed as a way of amplifying our most pure and highest actions. When we as an individual or as a group make one action or activity sacred, tied to a particular idealized thought, concept or idea, the act of engaging with that physical activity, like prayer or swinging gada or lifting weights or doing candle magick meditation or yoga ect... we are feeding collectively that idea which is tied to that action. This becomes a type of physical sigil strengthened and activated through engagement with the psysical.
Yesterday I saw on Instagram a photo of two of my very best friends and brothers with their maces. They are half way across the country together right now. Upon waking early this morning I took a hike down to the beach with my 20 pound mace / gada and did a few minutes of flow work and breathing down by tge water's edge. Through this activity I feel less lonesome, solitary by distance for engaging in this I feed gateway and am reminded of all the greater ideals we share and that which we hunt down in life. Freedom... Adventure... Death... is what we worship. Strength... Art... Expression... are our vehicles. A gada is a ritual tool, a magickal fetish unto which we can anchor our meditations of that which drives up to March along the path.

20 lb gada

20 lb gada

Lost in a Storm of Saddness


04.07.19 this is the first digital drawing I have ever done. No references, no editing. First time plugging in the I pencil, just got this iPad. I dont know how any of this works. ...can only go up from here...

My Will : My War

'MY WILL : MY WAR' ᚦᚦᚦ

ballpoint pen on paper ᚦᚦᚦ

This piece turned 5 years old this month. ᚦᚦᚦᚦᚦ

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